Tru Level Econo Pro

Tru Level Econo Pro is a specially formulated floor levelling compound designed to achieve a smooth flat surface for application of carpet, tiles, vinyl and floating floor systems. It can be used as a general purpose economical underlayment for carpet, vinyl, tiles, timber floors, and for reinstatement of uneven concrete slabs and floors. It is also ideal for leveling defective concrete that does not meet requirements of after trades such as vinyl, tiles, carpet; and for rapid repairs with minimal down time. Econopro is commonly used in commercial, domestic and light industrial applications.


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Penapatch Panel LW

High Build Patching Mortar

Aftek Penapatch Panel LW is a fine filled, polymer-modified, cementitious mortar, specifically formulated to provide cover for joiner plates in tilt slab or precast construction.

Penapatch LW is also used for repair of damaged concrete. The lightweight aggregates used in Penapatch allows for a build-up to 100mm in one application.

The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Penapatch provide a mortar with a strong adhesion to concrete and masonry on vertical substrates with negligible shrinkage. Penapatch requires the addition of water only.

Penapatch LW may be sanded to produce a smooth surface texture prior to painting or application of a render. Eliminates the need for formwork. Shrinkage compensated resulting in a long term dimensional stability.

Penaflow Panel Grout

Product Details

A Class-A construction grout based on a blend of Portland cement, high quality graded aggregates and additives, which control expansion whilst the grout is in a plastic state.

Panel Grout is a general purpose grout suitable for grouting underneath precast panels and concrete sections, filling Anchor bolts, cavities, gaps, base infill's, core holes, and core filling. Shrinkage compensated. Gaseous expansion whilst in plastic state eliminates shrinkage and settlement.

Non-metallic iron content eliminates staining. Can be dry packed, rammed, trowelled or poured. Pumpable for larger applications.


Flexible tile adhesive

Specially designed and guaranteed for use with our electric underfloor heating systems. S1 flexibility and fast setting time make ThermoSphere flexible tile adhesive S1 ideal for installation over floor heating solutions, including ThermoSphere heating membrane and mesh.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems

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