Product Details:

If you’re building a new home or planning a major alteration, SoundScreen can help you create a sanctuary in your new space.

Your new home should be a place where you and your family live together in peace and quiet. SoundScreen high-density acoustic insulation has been designed to greatly reduce unwanted noise transferring through internal walls and mid floors to help keep the peace – whether you are working, resting or playing.

Polyair Performa

Product Details:

Polyair Performa XHD is an extra heavy duty high grade reflective insulation. It boosts the thermal performance of roofs and walls while improving the comfort and energy efficiency of sheds and warehouses.

Gold Ceiling Batts

Product Details:

Bradford Gold ceiling insulation can reduce your energy bills for heating and cooling by up to 45% leading to a decrease in your energy consumption and in your energy bills.

Choosing the right insulation is important. You need confidence that the product installed delivers on the performance that is promised. Whether building a new home or undertaking alterations or additions to existing homes, insulating ceilings with Bradford Gold will provide peace of mind for you and your family.


Product Details:

AiroMatic now features Edmonds Air iQ technology which automatically detects & responds to heat and humidity in your roof for year-round home comfort.

AiroMatic is a powerful, smart, roof-mounted ventilator that uses a low energy motor to continuously and reliably remove heat & humidity in your roof space. AiroMatic also features temperature & humidity sensors powered by Edmonds smart technology, Edmonds Air iQ.

Edmonds Air iQ technology detects and responds to rising heat & humidity in your roof space by adjusting AiroMatic's speed to an optimal setting necessary to keep your roof cool and dry. This means AiroMatic only works on a high speed when it is necessary, improving your energy efficiency, home comfort & overall health of your home.