Key Joint Capping

Product Details:

Flexible plastic capping to protect and enhance the finished joint.

Features and Benefits

  • UV Treated PVC material ensures long life
  • Available in a range of colours to match most finishes
  • Provides an architectural finish to the joint
  • Prevents foreign particles entering the joint
  • Provides a compression area at the top of the joint where it is most needed
  • Resistant to oils and petroleum based products
  • No post pour operations are needed unless the joint is to be sealed
  • Optional tear-off capping strip also available
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Economical
  • One size fits all Connolly Key Joint profiles
  • Narrow width to minimise edge damage
  • Provides a bevelled edge to the joint for increased strength
  • Suitable for joints where concrete shrinkage is not excessive

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