Key Joint

Product Details:

Key Joint is a high quality preformed metal key joint for the control of shrinkage cracking and differential movement in concrete slabs. Keyjoint can also be curved to suit a custom radius using a back cutting technique.

Features and Benefits

  • Galvanised coating for maximum protection in exposure to concrete
  • Formed from high quality steel for maximum strength and minimal distortion
  • Guarantees a definite break in the slab to relieve shrinkage induced stresses
  • Joints are set up prior to pouring which means no interruptions to the finishing operations
  • Patented Wedge fixing mechanism allows fast and accurate height adjustment
  • Superior strength Pegs will not bend when driven into hard sub-bases
  • The fastest key joint on the market to install
  • Additional stiffening ribs to the top and bottom (KJ150, KJ200 & KJ300 ONLY) to ensure straighter joints.
  • Unique tongue profile for maximum strength and minimal stepping
  • Can be used to screed off which makes getting the right level quick and easy
  • No post pour operations are required
  • Minimise liability risks from slip and trip claims
  • Cost effective when compared to other forms of joints
  • Knockouts to accommodate a range of dowel sizes

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