Safety Caps

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Safety Caps for ultimate protection in worksite accidents.

Our tests (performed by a NATA accredited mechanical testing laboratory) simulated a fall onto steel bars protected by both Safety Cap sizes. The concluding performance was that none of the Connolly Safety Cushion Caps were penetrated by the steel bars during testing. Our safety cap absorbed the impact of the fall on the steel bars. All other safety caps tested failed to absorb any impact!

Simply put the CONNOLLY SAFETY CUSHION CAP proves to be more than a scratch cap. It actually performs as an impact absorbing safety cap!!

Features and Benefits

  • World recognised accreditation via Australia's national laboratory accreditation authority, NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities)
  • Impact Absorption Technology.
  • Concave top design aids in displacement of impact.
  • Supporting internal web design minimises injury by absorbing impact.
  • Supporting external fins also deflect and collapse on impact thereby again absorbing impact.
  • Injection moulded for accurate tolerances and consistency.
  • Our technology helps to minimise risk and injury.
  • Inexpensive and reusable.
  • Small Caps fit bars from 12mm up to 20mm
  • Large Caps fit bars 20mm up to 33mm as well as Star Pickets
  • Colour & strength of caps NOT degraded by UV exposure

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