Universal Dowel Sleeves

Product Details:

Full length dowel sleeves suitable for a wide variety of jointing applications. Available for round or square dowels.

Features and Benefits

  • Full length sleeve ensures no concrete to dowel bonding
  • Provision for longitudinal expansion in the ends of all sleeves
  • Rectangular sleeves for square dowels allow for lateral expansion
  • Injection moulded for accurate tolerances and maximum straightness
  • Stiffening ribs to minimise distortion
  • Simply twist & turn into knock-outs in Connolly Key Joint
  • Can be used as a face fixing sleeve on conventional timber or steel formwork
  • Can be used as part of a dowel cradle or basket
  • Length can be trimmed to suit any dowel length
  • Support leg/stand allows extra support to ensure correct alignment is maintained during pour
  • Unique end closure prevents slurry entering around square dowels
  • All UDS's (excepting 33mm round) have legs/stands that can be easily snapped off for height adjustment.

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